e.l.f. Beauty Haul

Over the course of the past few months I’ve decided that I spend way too much money on make-up. I mean, is $8 mascara really worth it? So I set out to try some cheaper alternatives to my more expensive brands via the e.l.f. line. If you haven’t been introduced to e.l.f. cosmetics, you are missing out. It was my first experience buying any of their products, but I ended up spending under $20 for 5 different items!

1- e.l.f. Essential Eyelid Primer (Sheer, $1)
2- e.l.f. Studio Blush (Tickled Pink, $3)
3- e.l.f. Studio Beauty-On-The-Go Single Compact ($3)
4- e.l.f. Studio Beauty-On-The-Go Single Palettes (Day on the Beach, $3)
5- e.l.f. Studio 3-in-1 Mascara (Very Black, $3)

So far, I am LOVING just about everything except for the 3-in-1 mascara. I thought that a switch from my $8 mascara might prove that I was overspending unnecessarily, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Maybe it’s just because I am very picky about the quality of my mascara, but despite the brush’s unique shape, I still have lots of problems with clumps. For now, I’ve put it away in my “backup” drawer, but maybe I’ll bring it out again later and give it a second try.

My favorite items are the eyeshadow palette and primer. The primer is great and helps my shadows to last all day with minimal loss of color. The Sheer color is so great that I’ve even worn the primer by itself a few days from a light, brightening look! And for $1, it can’t be beat! As for the Day on the Beach palette, it’s replaceable — so when I use up the color in this one, I can pop a new one in my mirrored compact (for only $3!). The color scheme is very natural, so it enhances rather than overwhelms your face. It’s great for throwing in my purse for on-the-go and I love that it has a blush and two different lip glosses included as well!

Last, but definitely not least is the Blush in Tickled Pink. This blush is great for a light flushed look, or you can build up the color to create a more dramatic look. You’re supposed to match your blush color to your natural flush after exercise, so this color works perfect for me!

Overall, I am super pleased with my haul. My makeup came quickly in the mail, undamaged, and continues to prove how travel-friendly it is by living in my purse. With the exception of the mascara, I am definitely willing to start using cheaper makeup as an alternative for some of my makeup, and I have a feeling I’ll be ordering more from e.l.f very soon!


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