Halloween Costume Inspiration: Tardis

Hello fellow Who-vians! I have wanted to do a Doctor Who themed post for awhile now, but this just seemed like the perfect occasion. If you’re unfamiliar with this British show, it’s about a time lord who travels through time and space with his companions in his space ship, the T.A.R.D.I.S., saving civilizations. Although the characters don’t spend the majority of the show in the actual tardis, I’ve always been fascinated by the bigger-on-the-inside concept and, of course, that brilliant blue. If you’re looking to showcase your nerd side this Halloween, why not go as everyone’s favorite time and space ship?

Tardis Costume Inspiration
If you wanted to be a little more true to the object itself, you could make windows out of fabric or paper and attach them to the torso of your dress. Don’t be afraid to accessorize with tights for a chilly evening or some bright red lipstick to add a retro vibe. Have fun with it: wear a trench coat a la David Tennant and unveil your outfit once you get to the party. See you at some later point in time and space — allons-y!

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