Fashion Inspiration: Picasso’s Ma Jolie

I just finished my test on Cubism last week in class and I noticed that a lot of aspects of the artistic style really matched up with current trends in fashion. If you ask anyone on the street to name a Cubist artist, Picasso is definitely the most well-known, so I focused on a work by him done in 1911 called Ma Jolie. The painting was given its title meaning “my pretty girl” as an homage to Picasso’s lover, Marcelle Humbert. By basing the outfit on the aesthetics of the painting as well as the represented person, I tried to create an artsy, yet feminine look.Picasso's Ma Jolie Fashion Inspiration
The statement piece of the outfit, the color block sweater, shows off the analytic cubism inspiration most prominently, while the other pieces compliment it. I used feminine jewelry to accentuate the title of “my pretty girl”, and the letters on the necklace mirror the stenciled words in the painting. The overall look is feminine, but laid back — and perfect for autumn!
Let me know if you like the art-as-fashion-inspiration idea, I’d like to do more if there’s a following for it!

What do you think?

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