Liquid Eyeliner: Brands and Ways to Wear It

If you’ve never experimented with liquid eyeliner before, now is the time! The major advantages of liquid eyeliner are that it is extremely durable and very precise. Some people find it hard to use, but with the right product and a little practice, I’m sure you’ll come to love it, too!

Finding the right kind of liquid eyeliner can make all the difference. I’ve compiled a group of three that are less pricey and work really well, from stila, l’oreal, and eyeko respectively.

liquid eyeliners
Stila waterproof eye liner / L’Oréal Paris liquid eyeliner / Eyeko liquid eyeliner

Here’s a great chart from magaleigh’s blog that shows a variety of ways you can use liquid eyeliner to change the shape of your eye.

And here are some examples of actual application that you might find easier to copy on yourself.

Make sure you don’t have too much eyeliner on the brush before you begin and you’ll be golden. If you feel more comfortable watching a video first, here’s a good one by julieg713. Let me know how it goes, I hope if you haven’t tried it before that you check it out and if you have let me know your favorite ways to wear liquid eyeliner!


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