10 Affordable Alternatives to Uggs

I’ll admit it: I think Uggs are officially the worst footwear to ever become popular during my lifetime, with the exception of Crocs perhaps. Although they are known for their warm interiors and comfortable lining, I just can’t get over the fact that they are so incredibly awful looking. Despite the new riding boots craze, the Ugg style has managed to endure for year after year, and college campuses continue to be littered with them now that the temperatures are starting to drop. If you are a stylish young lady who is still clutching onto your Uggs for dear life, why don’t you do yourself a favor and check out these 10 affordable (and comfortable!) alternatives for the fall and winter seasons. I guarantee you that you feet will thank you for it — Uggs have no arch support, which can lead to aching feet and, eventually, to back problems.
10 Affordable Alternative to Uggs
I chose boots that either had no heel or just a very slight one so that they would be the most comfortable to walk around in. Neutral colors go with everything, but rich jewel tones can really bring a pop of color to an outfit. Let me know which one is your favorite — they’re all certainly much better than any pair of Uggs I’ve ever seen.

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