3 Perfect Holiday Lip Colors

For most of us college kids, we’re either almost done with the semester or we’ve already crossed the finish line (lucky ducks!). That means it’s time to head home for the holidays, and for me that means lots of dressing up! Because it’s much colder in the winter, you can get away with wearing lipstick or bright lip colors that won’t rub off or feel too heavy. Here are three colors that I love for the months of December, January, and February if you want to kick your look up a notch!

3 Perfect Holiday Lip Colors MAC

The first color, MAC Red, is perfect for Christmas — it’s festive and classic, so it will look great with any outfit!
Fleshpot, the second color, is great for New Year’s Eve. You don’t want to upstage your flashy outfit with bold lips. Plus, men are less likely to want to kiss a girl wearing bright red lipstick because they don’t want it to come off on their lips, or their shirt. Stick to something neutral and refined.
And last but definitely not least, the Fuschia lip color is great for Galantine’s Day! Yes, ladies, this is the perfect time to tell your girlfriends how awesome they are — plus, your bffs aren’t worried about kissing you, so the fun pink lipstick will be a big hit at your big get-together!

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