Monthly Subscriptions Boxes

As someone who both loves technology and the thrill of receiving things in the actual mail, I’m a huge lover of monthly mailing subscriptions! If you’ve never heard of one of these before, they are essentially a collection of products selected and sent to you by a company once-a-month for a set fee. Most services will require you to take a personalized quiz so they can send you more customized products that you’ll actually use! For me, these little boxes are the equivalent of a little Christmas or birthday every month — it’s always exciting to see what you got in your mystery box! I’ve compounded a list of a few subscription services for you guys to check out below. There are TONS of these found all around the web, so I tried to pick just a small sampling of some of the most relevant and interesting ones!

Keep in mind that some services may offer discounts if you subscribe for longer than a month, or may include shipping tax (although I have tried to note all of the additional costs below).





Bonus – For the Guys:

  • Birchbox Men– (hygiene products + gadgets) $20/month
  • Dollar Shave Club– (razors) $1 OR $5 or $9/month
  • Fourth and Grand– (rental professional shirts + ties) only pay for what you keep- $60 a shirt/month, $25 a tie/month
  • Manpacks– (underwear, socks, razors, condoms, etc.) price based on the products you select
  • *Mystery Tackle– (fishing lures) $15/month

* discounts for longer subscriptions

Are you likely to try out a new monthly subscription? I’m definitely thinking about looking at some gift subscriptions for a few friends!


What do you think?

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