Update Your Wardrobe: Scarf Style + 25 Ways to Wear a Scarf

It’s been so cold and windy recently that I really can’t exaggerate how much I’ve been wearing scarfs… they’re great outside, inside, and everywhere in between. Not only are they a stylish way to add some texture and color to an outfit, but they also work as an extra layer to add both visual interest and warmth. If you’re a little bored with your selection of scarves, check out the five below — they all have a little extra detailing that can really spice up an everyday outfit!

5 Scarfs to Update Your Wardrobe

And after you check out those great scarfs, look at this awesome video on how to wear your scarf in 25 different ways! I know I get tired of doing the really basic pull-through, so why not switch up your look with a new scarf style? How do you like to wear your scarf? I love the Magic Trick, it’s my favorite way to wear my scarfs now!


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