Nail Polish Inspiration: Coral

I gave in… I got an ULTAmate Rewards card! I try to keep the sign-up cards to a minimum (who needs to carry that many things in their wallet?), but I figured I would really get some use out of this one since I’m starting to get addicted to try out new beauty products. I love Ulta because it’s a much more affordable version of Sephora, and I can get knowledgable staff to match my skin tone for products like foundation and concealer, instead of guessing my shade at Walmart. Another great thing about Ulta that I didn’t know is that they allow returns as long as 80% of the product hasn’t been used, meaning if you try a shade and it just doesn’t look as perfect as you like then you can return it!

On my recent shopping trip with my mom we both walked around the store on our own and met up in the middle to show what we had grabbed. Turns out we had both picked up this fun summer shade, too funny! If you’re looking for the perfect coral polish for summer, look no further! My pictures are a tad dark, but I think you can still tell how beautifully this color applies for a nice glossy finish.


essie Tart Deco

I love how clean and mod this polish looks by itself! I didn’t have time to do anything fancy with my mani, but check out some inspiration for what you can do with this great shade with a little more effort and additional polishes:


Polish Chest | joey;bean

Miss Renaissance

What do you think about coral nails?


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