Nail Polish of the Month: September 2013

Yay, it’s finally September! Autumn is my absolute favorite season — I love the mix of bright and dark colors, they lend themselves to such unique outfits and accessories. Thankfully, Butter London has released their new Fall 2013 collection, and it embraces the more colorful side of the season.


Butter London’s Fall 2013 Collection via

I picked up one of the shades, Pimms (the bright, true yellow) a few weeks ago and have been wearing it ever since! Unfortunately, I have been really negligent about taking photos of my manis recently, but in the meantime check out this pic for an example of Pimms’s true coloring:


Butter London Pimms via

Try this bright yellow by itself or add some other colors to your design for a bright, colorful mani like the ones below:


Polish Insomniac | Nails by Kayla Shevonne

Peachy Polish | Polish Insomniac

What colors are your September favorites? Would you ever wear yellow nail polish?


4 thoughts on “Nail Polish of the Month: September 2013

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  2. Hello!!
    I have a little bit of an olive tone to my skin so sometimes yellows make me look a bit jaundiced. But a warm yellow might be all right. Do you think Pimms is a warm yellow?

    Also….I LOVE what you did with the graduated yellow colour. Can you please tell me how you did this?

    Thank you!

    • Hi Virginia! Thanks for your comment :) I have a very definite olive skin tone and I thought Pimms looked absolutely beautiful on — it does have warm undertones. However, if you’re still unsure, you can always hold the bottle up to your skin and see what you think. It remains pretty true to color both in and out of the bottle.

      As for you question about the ombré look, this one was actually made using four different nail polishes.
      Butter London Pimms Gradient
      They are BL Pimms, BL Cheeky Chops, BL Jasper, and Illamasqua Load.

      However, the same look can be achieved by mixing one nail color with white. First, paint the color you want to be the darkest with your nail polish as is. Then, take your color (Pimms) and place about 4 drops of it on a mixing surface. Then, you add 1 drop of white polish to the color and mix them together with a small paintbrush or clean nail polish brush. If the color isn’t light enough for you, continue by adding 1 drop of white polish until you achieve the right color, and then paint the nail beside your “true color” with your new color. When you’re ready to do the third color (slightly lighter than the one you just made), repeat the exact same process as before, but obviously add more white into the mixture slowly. This will ensure that you have enough polish to cover each nail, and that you can easily control the color you are mixing! Let me know if you have any other questions!

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