essie Fall 2013 Collection

Fall is finally in the air and I’m ready for autumn nail polishes! While some brands tend to go for a bright fall look (like Butter London’s Fall 2013 collection), essie sticks to the classical fall palette of muted jewel-tones and neutrals that it knows best. These colors are perfect for the September transition into fall, with enough variety to set them apart from summer shades.


essie Fall 2013 Collection

Here’s how essie is advertising the colors:

  • After School Boy Blazer- academy blue-black
  • Cashmere Bathrobe- true flannel gray
  • For the Twill of It- rich medium brown with reflective green shimmer
  • The Lace is On- glistening jewel toned pearlescent fuchsia
  • Twin Sweater Set- vibrant crimson red
  • Vested Interest- cool gray teal

While the palette remains roughly the same as last year’s collection (below), there is enough variety to warrant picking up a few of the shades for fall 2013.


essie Fall 2012 Collection

I’d say that Head Mistress and Skirting the Issue (2012) are roughly comparable to Twin Sweater Set (2013). Also, Recessionista (2012) and The Lace is On (2013) are in the same fuschia color family, although The Lace is On appears to be much more pearlescent than Recessionista.

Personally, if I could only pick up a few I would choose After School Boy Blazer, For the Twill of It, and Vested Interest. These are colors that can work well with the majority of fall trends (hello, olive and grunge!), while still remaining feminine and wearable.


From left to right: After School Boy Blazer | For the Twill of It | Vested Interest


What do you think of essie’s Fall 2013 collection? Which nail polish is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


2 thoughts on “essie Fall 2013 Collection

  1. Thanks for sharing. My favourite is for the twill of it. Everything else is pretty standard. They’re beautiful colours, but they’re just nudes, reds / pinks, greens / teals and one blue-black polish. Not too much choice. Nice but not stunning.

    • I love For the Twill of It, too! So unique. I agree with you that the rest are nothing special color-wise, but they are at least on-point for a muted fall palette :) Thanks for the comment!

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