Fall 2013 Shoe Picks

It’s chilly outside! Check out these closed-toed shoe options to keep you stylish this fall:Fall 2013 Shoe Picks

Monday Must-Haves: Trying Out Textures

Welcome back to Monday Must-Haves! Today it’s all about fall texture. Happy actual fall, by the way! Try out some soft fabrics and sleek accents to add interest to your outfits. Check out some of my faves for incorporating this aesthetic little by little:Monday Must-Haves: Trying Out Textures

Monday Must-Haves: Bold and Beautiful

Welcome back to Monday Must-Haves! Check out these amazing finds that are all show stealers — pieces that are bold and beautiful!Monday Must-Haves: Bold and Beautiful
How gorgeous are these pieces? I really love purple, it’s so deep and powerful without being overwhelming. Put your own spin on your personal style by adding a statement piece into your wardrobe this week and rock it!


Monday Must-Haves

It’s another week and time for a new Monday Must-Haves! Check out what I’m oogling this week — it’s all about flirty, feminine, summery looks!Monday Must-Haves
P.S. I totally bought those wedges after looking for the perfect pair all summer long… so in love!


Monday Must-Haves

As you guys might have noticed (or maybe not haha) I’ve been revamping my blog, trying to figure out which types of posts I really enjoy sharing with you! This week I’m going to try something new called Monday Must-Haves, in which I feature a few items that I’ve come across this past week while browsing that I just absolutely love. Let me know what you think!

Monday Must-Haves

One Stop Sale Challenge: Fourth of July

As a post-grad with a non-paying full time internship, I’m finding myself paying a lot more attention to money lately when I go shopping. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t still put together great outfits with affordable prices! That’s why I’ve given myself a fun new outfit challenge that I’m calling the One Stop Sale Challenge — the goal is to create outfits using only sale items, and you can’t choose more than one thing from each store (kind of like you do at the mall anyway!). Here’s my first attempt at the challenge, and I am pretty darn excited about the result! Looking forward to trying this method out again!

Fourth of July Look: $103One Stop Sale Challenge: Fourth of July

Which stores are your favorite to scan for sale items?

More Accessories Based on Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”

If you’ve been following my posts on College Fashion, you’ll probably know that I did a post featuring outfits based on Gustav Klimt’s “The Kiss”, which had a great reception! Not only is the painting completely gorgeous with its touches of romantic art nouveau, but I picked out some really feminine outfits that compliment any girl’s figure for the quickly approaching Valentine’s Day!
I ended up finding so many unique and interesting pieces that were inspired by Klimt. Here are a few more that didn’t quite fit the bill for my original post, but that I definitely think are worth mentioning and ogling over!More Accessories Based on Gustav Klimt's "The Kiss"
If you haven’t checked out my posts at College Fashion, you definitely should! Every two weeks I post a series of outfits based on a piece of art that I think is inspiring. Be sure to check out some of the other posts while you’re there, too — they also do fashion posts inspired by books, movie, and more! Definitely something fun to look over if you’re tired of your “same old, same old” wardrobe!