Monday Must-Haves: London Look

Hello my beautiful readers! Welcome back to Monday Must-Haves! As you may have noticed, I have been quite absent from the blogging world as of late. Thankfully, I have something amazing to show for it: my new Etsy store, Rompadomp! Currently featuring fall-themed greeting cards and handmade jewelry, my little shop is constantly adding new inventory! And because I love my readers so much, I’m offering you guys a special coupon code for 30% off! Just enter BLOG30 during checkout :)
And now for my fashion picks! It was recently joked that I should moved to London with my boyfriend and soak up some international culture while I’m still free to roam as I please. While the suggestion wasn’t entirely serious, I have been absolutely loving London-inspired fashion! Check out some of my favorite finds:

Monday Must-Haves: London Look

While I love each of these pieces individually, they make a fab looking outfit! I couldn’t help but feature the Butter London “Wellies” that I talked about briefly in my nail polish of the month post as well, such a unique chartreuse! Hope to be back and posting on a more regular basis as before! xoxo

Monday Must-Haves: Trying Out Textures

Welcome back to Monday Must-Haves! Today it’s all about fall texture. Happy actual fall, by the way! Try out some soft fabrics and sleek accents to add interest to your outfits. Check out some of my faves for incorporating this aesthetic little by little:Monday Must-Haves: Trying Out Textures

Monday Must-Haves: Falling into Simplicity

Welcome back to Monday Must-Haves! If you’re like me, you’ve definitely been putting some thought into your new fall/winter wardrobe. I love classics with a twist that I can continue to wear in seasons and years to come. Check out some of my favorites for this week that are giving me inspiration for my fall wardrobe:Monday Must-Haves: Falling into Simplicity
Gold accessories are a must for fall and lend a warm glow to any skin tone. Also, another one of my favorite makeup look this season is wine-colored lips — I love, love love them! The strong color can appear a little intimidating for people who tend to shy away from lip color, so I would recommend starting with a light lip stain first, like Revlon Color Stay Just Bitten Lipstain + Balm in Twilight. That’s what I’ve been wearing almost daily since the start of September, and I’m ready to graduate to a lip tar, which is more pigmented and longer lasting. Check out OCC Lip Tar in Vintage for a stronger look and embrace your inner fall goddess!

Monday Must-Haves: Back to Basics

Welcome back to Monday Must-Haves! By now, most colleges and seasonal jobs have started back into their daily grind. Check out these basics that will keep you looking and feeling your best throughout the entire upcoming year.Monday Must-Haves: Back to Basics
It’s time to start anew — think simple and clean! If you keep yourself organized, it’s easier to focus your attention on other things, like asking that cute guy who moved in next door if he wants to come over and join weekly game night!

Monday Must-Haves: Bold and Beautiful

Welcome back to Monday Must-Haves! Check out these amazing finds that are all show stealers — pieces that are bold and beautiful!Monday Must-Haves: Bold and Beautiful
How gorgeous are these pieces? I really love purple, it’s so deep and powerful without being overwhelming. Put your own spin on your personal style by adding a statement piece into your wardrobe this week and rock it!


Monday Must-Haves: Simple + Special

Welcome back to Monday Must-Haves! This week it’s all about simple style with a touch of something special — these are some of my favorite items I’m stumbled across in a long time!Monday Must-Haves
How perfect is that taupe skirt? It so needs to be in my closet, right now. Also, after researching examples of essie’s Shine of the Times used on different nail polishes, I was hooked. This nail polish is no longer being made, and people still rave about it! I bought one offline for a few extra bucks and oh my goodness it just makes every nail polish look better! It adds multi-dimensional shine that compliments so well. Seriously, just look at this Google search. Cannot recommend this polish enough, guys!


Monday Must-Haves

It’s another week and time for a new Monday Must-Haves! Check out what I’m oogling this week — it’s all about flirty, feminine, summery looks!Monday Must-Haves
P.S. I totally bought those wedges after looking for the perfect pair all summer long… so in love!