Fall 2013 Shoe Picks

It’s chilly outside! Check out these closed-toed shoe options to keep you stylish this fall:Fall 2013 Shoe Picks

One-for-One Companies: Shopping to Help Others

As a college student, I spend a lot of my time thinking about how in debt I am that I lose sight of the bigger picture. I am lucky enough to have been able to attend college, which is not something every 20-something can brag about. While I can consider myself blessed, not everyone can say the same. That’s why it’s important to give back to others any way you can. One way to make this possible is by purchasing things from one-for-one companies.  A one-for-one company is a business that, in return for you buying one of their products, will donate one of their products to those in need. It’s an easy way to get involved with giving back to your community and can be a gateway to volunteering for charity. Below are five one-for-one companies that offer fashionable items that can serve as alternatives to more expensive products.

Toms– Yes, everyone seems to have a pair of these now, but I just can’t tell you how comfortable they are. They come in a huge variety of styles and colors (I myself have the pink glitters pictured), and Toms is even doing one-for-one with eyewear now. Check them out, they are great for throwing on and looking cute on the go!

Roma Boots– Primarily focusing on adult boots, they also have options for children and a select variety of flip flops.

FIGS– This organization is for the boys- it focuses on ties and bow ties, but also has a selection of cashmere scarves. Why not give your guy a gift that also helps others as well? Plus, he’ll look super cute when he takes you out on your next date night.

Warby Parker– This company sells statement eyewear for both men and women. Their super cute frames are retro inspired and can make anyone look like Miss (or Mr.) Librarian in a snap!

You and Who– If your looking for one-for-one graphic tees, this is the site for you. Similar to the type of style you’d see on Threadless, these tees are brightly colored, a bit unusual, and sure to add some fun to your outfit!