Five Hair Products You Didn’t Know You Needed

I’ve been holding onto this post for a few months now, but I finally think I’m ready to share with you guys! (After all, this is my 50th post, y’all!) Growing up as a dancer, I’ve always been pretty well informed about makeup, but hair is a totally different mess of confusion in my book!

My hair is fine and naturally wavy, so I confess that I usually do little to no styling — lucky me, right? However, over the past year or so I’ve been attempting to grow my hair out, and if you’ve ever gone through the same experience then you know how much more effort it takes to style your ‘do every day when you have that much more of it! I’ve come to learn that products can really be a lifesaver and make it much easier to obtain those glamorous styles every girl craves.

So without further ado, here at my top five hair products you didn’t know you needed!

Five Hair Products You Didn't Know You Needed

Maybe you’re a hair guru and you know about all of these secrets already, but maybe you’re like me and you didn’t know about them until just now! These are definitely some of the most used products in my bathroom, so check them out if you haven’t already!

  1. Dry Shampoo– This stuff is a miracle worker for second day hair! It gives you a textured, piece-y look without making your hair greasy. Dry shampoo actually works similar to baby powder in that it absorbs moisture, so it leaves your hair less oily! Seriously great for perfectly imperfect hairstyles.
  2. Curling Wand– These have gotten really big in the past year, especially this last summer. I’m talking mermaid waves on mermaid waves! Not only do the majority of curling wands heat up much faster than regular irons, but they also don’t leave those ugly clip lines in your hair! Just don’t forget to wear a heat resistant glove when you use one!
  3. Duckbill Clips– No, these are not for pulling your bangs out of your face (although they do work perfectly for that!). Use duckbill clips to set your curls by loosely wrapping your newly curled hair around your fingers, and clipping it to your head. Let cool and voila — you’ve got curls that are bouncy and last all day! I’ve never had a problem with them leaving lines either, but clips that are not made of metal are less likely to leave marks!
  4. Ceramic Thermal Hair Brush– This is the perfect brush for doing just about anything using your hair dryer. Bigger barrels (2+ inches) are great for straightening hair, while smaller ones (1 inch) can create beautiful curls. The trick is the ceramic interior, which absorbs the heat from your hair dryer, allowing your hair to be heat styled on both sides at the same time!
  5. Moroccan Argan Oil– If your go-to hairstyle is straight hair, you need to try some argan oil! The heat from straighteners can often dry out and damage hair – by adding a little Moroccan oil to the length of your hair (avoiding the roots) you’ll help moisture it as well as add some healthy shine! This trick works great on curly styles, too. Just be careful that you don’t use so much that you weigh down your hair. A little bit goes a long way!

What do you think about my top five products? Would you have chosen something else? What styling products have you recently discovered and love? Let me know in the comments below!


Hair How-To: Wear Your Hair for an Interview

Recently I’ve been doing a lot of meet-and-greets for some great career opportunities, and I find that I am much less stressed out about my outfit than I am about my hair! Your presentation of your hair shows that you are well-groomed and healthy, and can add to your professional look if you style it correctly. Here are four easy hairstyles that you can wear to any interview and still look pretty and pulled together!
1- Try a sleek ponytail to keep your hair out of your face. This helps people to focus on what you’re saying rather than being distracted by your hand as you constantly try to push your hair behind your ears — it’s okay, we all do it subconsciously!
2- Straight, but pulled back hair can really brighten your face and lengthen round or heart-shaped faces. If you like having a little bit of hair down for a more appearance-based job, this could be the look for you!
3- Chignon are the perfect up-do for any occasion. They can range from messy chic to twisted perfection. If you’re combating a windy day or  a more formal interview, this might be the best hairstyle for you.
4- If you’re looking for something a little more glamorous and feminine, try loose curls. Just make sure that you curl away from your face and pin back rogue pieces so they don’t become distracting. Hope these ideas were helpful, good luck!

Hair How-To: Hairstyles to Wear Under a Hat for Work

I work in the food industry and I find that it’s difficult a lot of the time to put my hair in a cute style under the required hat for my job. Obviously it needs to stay out of my face and be pulled back so that it doesn’t interfere with the food or moving around the store, but wearing a basic ponytail every day can really bring a girl down. So after a lot of hours spent on YouTube and fashion blogs, I found five easy and classy hairstyles that look super cute and are job appropriate at the same time! If you’re feeling a little bored with your ponytail, switch it up with some of these ‘do’s!

1. Accessorized Braid

Add a touch of flair to your easy-going hairstyle with a bow or flower by the bottom hairband. Sometimes I even like to braid a ribbon in with one of the strands of hair, or spend a little more time and do a 4-strand braid for some added volume.

2. Side Fishtail

This look is so classic, but seems new because it’s not your typical braid. For some added boho charm, try pulling out the edges a bit after you’ve finished. (This is a great video for a tutorial, but I wouldn’t recommend the use of the rubber band to hold it in place — you can do it without wasting a hairband and potentially cutting your hair.)

3. Braided Pigtails

Pigtails can seem very childish if you make them too uniform — add some style by using volumizing spray on your hair beforehand or incorporating a smaller braid, like this.

4. Sleek Ponytail

The difference between this ponytail and a normal one is all about the smoothness. Add some shine serum and wrap a piece of hair around the band to conceal it, making your ‘do look really pulled together.

5. Loose Bun

This is definitely the easiest of the styles — just wrap your hair in a spiral pattern at the nap of your neck and go! If you want a more elaborate version, you can try twisting different pieces and pinning them in loose coils, creating more texture. If your hair has to go through the back opening of your hat, however, I wouldn’t recommend a piece-y bun.

And there you have it! 5 super easy, super fast hairstyles to wear under a work hat. Hope you enjoy them and they keep you feeling cute at work!