Fashion How-To: Dress for Rainy Days

These past few weeks have been unusually humid for fall in Blacksburg, so I thought it was about time I posted ideas for how to dress appropriate on rainy days while still feeling like yourself! All too often rain days mean covering yourself in water-resistant attire instead of showing off your clothes, so here are some cute examples of rain-appropriate accessories to start your outfits off on a feminine note.


These are essential if you plan on trekking across campus for most of the day. Plus, they help keep your hair styled without crushing it! Without the sunshine filling you with vitamin D you can often feel sluggish and depressed, so go for one that puts a smile on your face!

1- Blue Skies Umbrella

2- Purple Bubble Umbrella

3- Peacock Umbrella

4- Degas Umbrella

5- Pink Pug Silhouette Umbrella

Rain Boots-

If it’s not pouring, I sometimes like to opt for a regular tall boot, but if puddles are starting to form them rain boots are a must. Add some fun with unexpected colors, or wear patterned boots with an understated outfit to draw attention to them.

1- Guess Leopard Rain Boots

2- Hunter Black Gloss Rain Boots

3- Tretorn Purple Rain Boots

4- Anna Neon Pink Rain Boots

5- Nomad Tan Rain Boots

And don’t forget…

Just because it’s raining doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your style to cover up. My favorite thing to do on rainy days is wear a dress or a skirt. It really makes me feel girly, and if you pair it with tights or leggings then you can stay warm, too! The third row is some fashion inspiration to guide you on your path to being rainy day chic! Stay dry!


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